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we offer spacious sites in a beautiful setting with plenty of amenities. Our paved RV super sites are 83 x 43 with 72 x 20 quality concrete pads. That’s an extra large site so parking your rig will be a SNAP! We also offer standard paved sites from 20 x 40 up to 20 x 60, and grass sites. All site types provide full hook-up. Our resort map located at the bottom of this page, provides a quick snap shot of how our community is organized.

Use our “Book Online” button to check rates and availability and book your nightly or weekly stays. If you would like to reserve a space for 30 days or more, please call us at 352-793-8626 to book. You can email us with any questions at or use the “Contact Us” button below.

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Pet Policy:

  1. Pets must be kept on a short leash (no longer than 6 feet) under control of their owners and must not disturb neighbors.
  2. All pet droppings must be picked up and placed in a plastic bag before depositing in the garbage.
  3. Pets must be attended when outside.
  4. Pets may be left unattended indoors but must not disturb others.
  5. Although we enjoy pets, they’re prohibited from being inside our buildings.

Sunshine Village Resort’s 2020 Updated Pet/Wildlife Policies

In order to provide the best atmosphere, enjoyment, and safety of all our residents and guests, Sunshine Village has put in place the following new Pet and Property Policies. We LOVE Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Birds, Rabbits, and all of God’s other creations, therefore we MUST ALL take responsibility for the policies set in place that protect them. Again, it is for the wellbeing of the animals and for the serenity of our Community.

These policies will be strictly enforced by Sunshine Village, with no “special” exceptions.

By feeding ANY “stray” animal, Domestic or Wildlife, you are hurting them, not helping them. If you wish to care for a Cat or Dog, PLEASE, take it INDOORS and care for it. If you do not wish to have a domestic animal live indoors with you, you MUST not care for them in any way. Do not feed, water, or provide for them in any way if you are not going to claim ownership of said animals.

Due to an increased number of complaints and concerns regarding “stray” domestic and wildlife animals within our Community, it has become necessary for us to update our PET POLICIES.

Unfortunately, along with the strict enforcement of our new Pet Policies, there will also be financial ramifications for anyone found not in non-compliance of the policies, as set forth in this notification.

1. ALL DOMESTIC ANIMALS (Dogs and Cats), SHALL be Leashed and/or Harnessed, and under the owner’s control at ALL times.
2. NO Animal is to be on a Tie Out/ Tethered or left outside unattended. (You MUST be outside with the animal, and in FULL control.
3. Pet Playpens, Fences, Screens, or any other means of corralling pets is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
4. If you feed, water, or in any other manner provide for an animal, it will be deemed to be YOUR Pet, and YOUR Responsibility.
5. If you have paid to have any domestic animals microchipped, spayed or neutered, or provide for any Veterinary care for said animals, it will be noted that said animal(s) belong to YOU.
6. NO Domestic Animals are to be left outside overnight. If animals are found loose outdoors, said animals will be trapped and removed permanently from the Community.
7. Wildlife Animals: Due to the fact that there has become a high population of wildlife, squirrels, peacocks and other birds, there shall now be a NO BIRD FEEDING (or Bird Feeders) policy strictly enforced throughout Sunshine Village Community. No feeding of any kind to any species of wildlife will be permitted on Sunshine Village Community. (Including any wildlife in ponds).

Any Resident, who knowingly protects the “strays” within the Community will be responsible for all fees not only incurred via the Humane Society, but also pet policy violation fees, which will be assessed to your monthly lifestyle fees.

Any Resident, who knowingly sets out Bird Food/Seeds (whether in a feeder or on the ground) will be assessed a Penalty Fee that will be added to your monthly Lifestyle fee.

Any Resident, who knowingly provides any food source(s) to any other form of wildlife, (Squirrels, Peacocks or other Birds, Skunks, Rabbits, etc.) will be found in violation of pet policies and a violation fee will be assessed to your Lifestyle fee.

Penalties (EACH Violation): ANY Domestic Animal that is retrieved from a Humane Society or other shelter through verification microchips, or other knowledge of “ownership”, that resident will be accessed a $100.00 Pet Policy Violation Fee.

ANY Resident found to be feeding ANY Wildlife Animals within Sunshine Village Community will be assessed a $100.00 Policy Violation Fee.

We appreciate your cooperation in the following matter.

*The Sumter County Department of Health has recently Confirmed a case of Rabies in a cat in Webster, Florida*

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