SUN ‘n FUN Fly-in Expo – Lakeland, FL

One plane, two planes, red plane, blue planes…..there were planes here and there, there were planes everywhere………..
Random question… who in the world could possibly need an entire bucket of French fries???

The SUN ‘n FUN Fly-in and Expo was held in Lakeland on April 10-15th. And what a fun time we had! There were many vendors, LOTS of food, flight simulators, helicopter rides, a car show and much more. You will want to plan for a lot of sun and bring a chair for the air shows. You won’t be able to do it all in one day so you may want to plan on more than one day. You can buy a one day pass and get the next one free! I think the highlight of our day was the reenactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbor complete with the history lesson. The best part of all? ….Sunshine Village is only 51 miles away! That’s only an hour’s drive.

SUN ‘n FUN was created in 1974 by a small group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts. The six-day event on 2,200 acres offers jet teams, aerospace related exhibits, educational forums, aircraft static displays, professional gatherings of aviation and economic development groups, daily and evening airshows that include adrenaline pumping aerobatics, a veterans plaza and arenas highlighting women in aviation. Light Sport aircraft fly above parking areas. Many performers are seen on the grounds with vendors and students. Youth activities that include a new young pilot campground, International visitors hospitality, evening entertainment, a women’s’ pavilion, and souvenir shops are highlights for visitors. This entire event is held at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, FL, creating air traffic movements for the event which elevates the airport to the ‘busiest in the world’ for one week.

And in answer to the question, “who in the world could possibly need an entire bucket of French Fries?”… it appears that WE did! We promise you will not be sorry you chose to stay at Sunshine Village a little longer and attend SUN ‘n FUN while waiting out the northern snow next season!

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