If you want a happy heart, SeaWorld Orlando is the place to be!

Dolphin laughs, Orca flips, an underwater Bar and Grill, and even some rides!

SeaWorld has spent the last 50 years rescuing over 36,00 sick, injured, and orphaned animals in need. SeaWorld has given these animals a second chance at life. They are committed to protecting the environment and preserving our future by working to inspire others to help keep our oceans clean while focusing on animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Make sure to check out the dolphin flips and dances in their dolphin show and then make your way over to OneOcean to see the orcas smile. With events such as the Praise Wave and Sesame Street parades, there is something for everyone of all ages.

Not only can you visit animals such as dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, sharks, penguins, and so much more, but you can also book yourselves a behind the scenes tour to learn more about what it takes to rescue and rehabilitate these animals. You may even get a chance to pet and feed some sharks! Oh, and did I mention that Jaws 3 was filmed in part at SeaWorld Orlando? Make sure you take the opportunity to stand where Dennis Quaid stood!

SeaWorld Orlando is located just 56 miles from Sunshine Village and is totally worth the drive! Visit SeaWorld Orlando and help support them as they help support the rescue and rehabilitation of our oceans.

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